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We make your search rock!

Increase conversion by making it easier for your customers to find and discover what they look for. Search is everywhere and people want it to work perfectly - be it free-text search, smart autosuggestions or similar items. Learn how to get State-of-the-Art Search into your Mobile App and Website.
Data-driven Architecture

RESTful, secure and easy to use API's

Data access and storage is at the heart of every application's backend. We take a practical approach and take away the pain of designing and securing a Data API so you can focus on building your product.
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Improve response times through Events

Don't have customers wait for the notification job to run. Scheduling jobs seems to be a good idea - until you learn your users want instant responses. Most high-performance, high-throughput systems rely on asynchronous execution and event-driven designs. It's easier than it seems!

We believe in a new architecture for eCommerce applications and marketplaces.

For search-based Applications, where the search is the primary screen

If your business revolves around searching and discovering things like a marketplace, catalog, directory or a interactive map, this is what we do best. Fancy elasticsearch but fear the integration efford? We should talk.

Search at the core

If your business revolves around searching and discovering things like a marketplace, catalog, directory or a interactive map, this is what we do best. Fancy elasticsearch but fear the integration efford? We should talk.

Data-driven API's and Services

With the advent of document-oriented Datastores like MongoDB and elasticsearch, new Architectures emerge that have inherent performance-benefits but also some caveats like managing data consistency. With a data-driven approach you can greatly reduce boiler-plate code and focus on the product. Our tools and processes allow you to manage the data and make sure your applications work.

Included Backoffice and Jobs

Most of the time the backend processes are a lot less shiny than the things your customer sees. But having a proper backoffice tool to manage your data is imperative from day 1 when you run your app. Running jobs and generating reports should be done by the people who need them rather than your IT Staff. Our backoffice tool allows you to design and execute simple business processes as needed.

Run it your way

Whether you are searching for a cloud-based, hosted solution or you want your own servers and connect with your internal IT infrastructure, we have a plan for you. Running a backend does not only mean putting up a cheap server somewhere, but includes backups, monitoring and emergency response. We cater for you here even on top of running elasticitems, we have tailored Operations Management packages on application level available for you too.

Search at the core

Fancy elasticsearch? Need your search to be spot-on? Want great performance on large data sets?

Data-driven API's and Services

Let the data design your API and have custom code only where you need to.

Included Backoffice and Jobs

A backend for your data is imperative from day 1. Gather insights and run reports.

Run it your way

Want a backend in the cloud now but don't want to run it yourself? Or want to run on-premise in your datacenter?

Feature landscape

All these features are available to back up your frontend. As the backend is fully modular, you can also benefit only of the components you really need.


  • Configurable search API with faceting and aggregations
  • Matching Typeahead API
  • Dictionary API
  • elasticsearch Configuration Management
  • Drop/Reload/Update Index with Buffering
  • Rewrite incoming Data for Indices (including 1:n and n:1 indexing)
  • Search stats & facet stats build-in


  • RESTful data api for CRUD and bulk data changes
  • Data-driven so no schema configuration neccessary
  • Simple API's can be scripted directly
  • CRUD Hooks for custom actions and sending events
  • Import API for csv, json, xml and other sources
  • Direct File Upload
  • Custom imports can be scripted with Groovy


  • Event-based hooks for common data calls as well as own calls
  • MongoDb Events (on insert, on update)
  • Client-side push integration for Apple, Google and Windows
  • Email sending/receiveing
  • Webhooks, for triggering import jobs for example


  • User/pass authentication configurable for all components
  • Source IP-based Security for all components
  • Security token + onetime pad security for apps
  • SSL Certificate Support
  • Client Certificate Support
  • User Management and Password recovery


  • Reporting integration with MapReduce Support
  • Field and Values analysis over your Data
  • Keyword Generation tool
  • Freetext Value Extraction
  • Value normalisation
  • Data Quality monitoring
  • Build-in MongoDB Data Browser with customizable Views


  • Support for Groovy, JAVA and bash
  • Integrated Job Scheduler
  • Configurable Job Runner
  • Job Management Dashboard with log view and run history
  • Job Code versioning with git

Content Management

  • Practical CMS to manage static content
  • Backed by the Data API
  • Static Content Export
  • Distribution of static pages via SCP

Mongo Manager

  • Integrated query and export/import tool
  • Run mapreduce jobs
  • View results in customized backoffice views, minimal coding
  • backup/restore functionality
  • Basic monitoring and Graphing to keep information in one place

Conversion & Extraction

  • Generate and parse PDF
  • Fetch data from the Internet
  • Mangle CSV and other File formats
  • Export to multiple Formats