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We believe in cross-functional teams so we have become one ourself. From UI/UX design to frontend development, backends and all the operations challenges when deploying in today's heterogenous environments we have built up our experience.


With our platform we offer a middleware that allows us to implement API's and web applications centered around search & discovery use cases, as well as data entry and analysis fast, timely and full-stack.

Digital products like websites, apps or backends require a distinct set of skills and tools to be successful. We understand the design process and challenges bringing ideas to a digital life.

We have built and shipped several marketplaces that rely heavily on on-site search, so we understand the challenges involved and provide a very complete framework to skin and implement custom conversion logic.

We have integrated state-of-the-art search technology and made it simple to use for on-site search and as the core of the user-facing frontend. Search and discovery is integral for modern applications so it needs to be at the heart of the product.

We work with

As we work through our projects, we have built a large knowledge base in many technologies. We don't fear to try new frameworks and there is no piece of code we will not touch (unless you tell us to).