Marketplaces have some unique requirements in terms of features that make them distinct from traditional online shops. Data flexibility and high specialization are key to success as there are usually a lot more products on a marketplace than in an eCommerce store.

With our flexible search at the heart of the platform we can implement data-driven and adaptible solutions to create or re-launch marketplaces that are easy to extend.

Marketplace for used trucks and agricultural vehicles

For the trucks branch of one of the largest used car marketplaces in germany we started a migration project to update the aging technology of the current solution as well as add more flexibility in search and filtering options.

Technology change, cloud migration and re-design in one go

Another goal of the project was to setup a migration plan for the operation in the AWS cloud. A tunnel was established to allow for a gradual migration without service outage and minimizing risk to SEO and customer satisfaction while shippng a large update including a re-design.

To support the company-wide cloud strategy, operation of the future platform needs to be setup in AWS in a large account. Since the application needs to run on a shared container platform, everything was build to run inside scalable docker containers.